IJBTT - Volume 5 - Issue 1 - 2015

Title/Author Name
Page No
1 Effect of Adhesive Obturation and Post Obturation Monoblock Systems on Reinforcement of Peri-Cervical Dentin (PCD)

- Vipin Arora , M P Yadav , S P Singh , Pooja Arora , Preeti Choudhary
2 Effect of Alumina Addition on Properties of Poly -methyl methacrylate - A Comprehensive Review

- Pooja Arora, S P Singh, Vipin Arora
3 Invitro Antibacterial Activity of four Indian Spices against Some Pathogenic Organisms

- B.Umamaheswari, S.Rajalakshmi, Miss. B.Umamaheswari
4 In-Silico approach to phylogentic analysis of differentially expressed protein Matrix Metalloproteinase proteinase -12 associated with Lung Cancer

- Bhagavathi S., Gulshan Wadhwa, Anil Prakash
5 Isolation of Thermos table Extracellular Alkaline Protease and Lipase Producing Bacteria from Tannery Effluents

- Udgire M., Vivek S., Sinha P.
6 Morphometric and Meristic Characteristics of Hybrid Catfish from Selected Fish Farms in Southern Nigeria

- Umoh, I. A., Nlewadim, A. Obuba, L. E
7 Characterization of Extra Cellular Enzymes from Soil Actinomycetes: A Molecular Approach

- Payal Das, Renu Solanki and Monisha Khanna
8 TCR-clonotyping-based Analysis of a Frenemy —Public T Cells

- Huihui Qi, Yang Li, Liguang Sun
9 Toxicological Pathology of Juvenilecatfish Exposed to Petrol

- Amadi N. C., Umoh I. A., Essien U. N., Awom E. I.